New reviews – from property and prisons, through NRT and class struggle, to Harvey and some revolting subjects…

a review of Revolting Subjects from Antipode

New book reviews for September:

David Correia (University of New Mexico) on Fiona Mackenzie’s Places of Possibility: Property, Nature, and Community Land Ownership;

Jill Williams (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa) on Beyond Walls and Cages: Prisons, Borders, and Global Crisis and Carceral Spaces: Mobility and Agency in Imprisonment and Migrant Detention;

Katrinka Somdahl-Sands (Rowan University) on Ben Anderson and Paul Harrison’s Taking-Place: Non-Representational Theories and Geography;

Filip Stabrowski (Hunter College, CUNY) on Joseph Varga’s Hell’s Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space: Class Struggle and Progressive Reform in New York City, 1894-1914;

Christoph Scheuplein (University of Münster) on Felix Wiegand’s David Harveys urbane Politische Ökonomie: Ausgrabungen der Zukunft marxistischer Stadtforschung; and

Tom Slater (University of Edinburgh) on Imogen Tyler’s Revolting Subjects: Social Abjection and Resistance in Neoliberal Britain.

*         *         *

All Antipode book reviews are now freely available from our online repository, Wiley…

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