write 500 words for @womantheory for International Women’s Day

This term (inspired by a screening of the film “Woman, Art, Revolution”) the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies at Lancaster created a hashtag #womantheory to encourage Twitter users to name the three women theorists who had most inspired them. This had an unprecedented response and continues to elicit new tweets.

We now have a Twitter account @womantheory – follow us and tweet your selection.

Kim Allen from MMU set up a wordpress site http://womantheory.wordpress.com/ for those of us who don’t use social networking sites.

For International Women’s Day 2014 we want to encourage more people to contribute by submitting a My WomanTheory story online using this form: http://womantheory.wordpress.com/your-womantheory-stories/

We ask you to tell us about  why a particular woman theorist / thinker / writer matters to you: for example, how did you encounter their work? how did their work change the way you think about an issue? how do you use their ideas in your own work? It can be as long or as short as you like. 500 words would be great.

You can be anonymous if you’d prefer.

What is ‘WomanTheory’?

  • WomanTheory is a challenge to the predominance of ‘boy theory’ and male voices and knowledge in academia.
  • WomanTheory calls attention to the elision of women’s contribution to social theory and knowledge.
  • WomanTheory is an epistemological and political project.
  • WomanTheory is disruptive.
  • WomanTheory is collective.
  • WomanTheory is a movement, a revolution.

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