Stigma: the Machinery of Inequality, a short animated film

Stigma: the Machinery of Inequality (2020), a short animated film by Tom Morris, in collaboration with Imogen Tyler,  with sound design by bow & arrow productions

Thanks to Tom Morris (and also bow & arrow who did the sound design) for this short animated film. Below is the text spoken in the film which is taken from the Introduction of the book. in a new tab)

The word stigma, as the dictionary defines it, is a mark of disgrace which is pressed upon a person. It describes the corrosive effects of being shamed or dehumanised in your interactions with others.

Stigma Machines is a concept which stretches the ways in we think about stigma, by looking up to sites of stigma production to consider where stigma comes from, how and by whom it is crafted and for what purpose, and by looking back tracking stigma as a punitive form of power that is entangled with histories of capital, capitalism, and colonialism. By looking up and back Imogen Tyler’s research seeks to make stigma a more useful concept for thinking about how power etches itself into us.

Breaking the stigma machine is a task to which we urgently need to attend with all the imagination and tools at out disposal.


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